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What does a video cost?
There are many factors. The usual figure given in the industry is $1,000 to $5,000 per finished minute for quality productions.

How long does it take to produce a video?
It depends on the complexity, but generally about a month. Video production companies are used to working with deadlines. Visit the Video Production Process for more information.

Are photos/slides/film/negatives altered in any way when transferred to video?
No, they should be not altered or harmed in any way. They should return to you in the exact same condition as when you gave it to that company.

What should I look for in a professional videotape?
The picture and sound should be crystal clear. The titles should look professional and be easily read. The production should be tightly and tastefully edited, making the tape more enjoyable to watch than real time raw footage. Special effects should be enhancements to the production and not appear "gimmicky". The most important element to shop for is the actual videographer, whose experience and talents are what you really want.

Who owns the copyrights on the video?
Yo do. As well as all of the stock footage that has been shot.

Can video footage be recorded onto a CD-ROM, or included on a Web page?
Video footage (and audio) can be placed onto a CD-ROM or a Web page fairly easily, as long as certain steps are followed. The video or audio first has to be digitized and then edited to an appropriate length. This media file is then compressed into a format that reduces file size considerably while still maintaining a relatively high degree of image quality. Different settings are used, based upon the delivery mechanism and type of computer that the video will be played back on.

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